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Lex Emmerson

Hi, and welcome. I'm Lex, the founder, potter and candle maker behind LEXE Ceramics.


After many many years working in marketing and events I decided earlier this year (2023) to turn what was a hobby into a dream career.


Every single pot, vessel and dish you see on this site, is handcrafted by myself in my studio in Cambridgeshire. And what makes these pieces so special and unique is that each one is different, no two are ever exactly the same. 

I love candles and filling a home with beautiful scents, so decided to use my pots to make ones that look and smell good. I hand pour using soy wax (for a clean burn), combined with a small selection of gorgeous fragrances.

hope you love this collection of fabulously luxurious scented candles as much as I do.

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"In this world of products with short lifespans I really wanted to make something that lasts a lifetime."

Ceramics can last centuries as we know and even with the candles, once the wax is used, the candle vessels can find a new purpose from a plant pot to a paintbrush holder or trinket pot.

I also want to play my part in reducing plastic waste, so all my packaging (as much as is possible for my small business) will be plastic free. I've invested in paper tape, card and paper packaging, and even compostable filler (run it under a tap or add it to your compost patch).


My colour inspiration comes from my love of the outdoors and my huge love of travelling so you will see lots of greens, blues and browns in my glazing.  

I'm always keen for feedback so let me know what you would like to see included. I'd love to hear from you. 

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